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Focus on the color Natural and White

 If you want a soft, clean and chic decoration, the mixture of white and natural colors is a very good choice. 

Whatever your interior, this color association will always be trendy and pleasant. Indeed, light colors have soothing virtues on our brain.

Here are some examples of mix of linen items to dress your interior according to your living rooms. 

Lounge area

On a white or beige sofa, you can easily match linen cushions in White and Natural color from different ranges: the range Screws, Calvi et Mansa. You install the number of cushions necessary for the size of your sofa. Let's mix without hesitation the 45x45 cm and 40x60 cm shape.

Sofa tip: If the backs of the sofa start to sag, the linen cushions in the size 55x100 cm can be used nicely as troubleshooting. They will do the job without problem as a backrest while pairing wonderfully with the small square and rectangular cushions.

At the windows, make a little reminder of your cushions with the Propriano linen curtains White or Natural Harmony or with the Linen or Off-White colors of the Epic brand with the range Dune, .

The White of the Viti range for Harmony is an optical white while the White of the Dune range for Epic is an Off White.


linen cushion

Dining / kitchen area

In the dining area you can put a nice Nais linen tablecloth ou They fly white with a Natural towel set or vice versa.

The Naturel of the Letia range is the color of linen while the Naturel of the Nais range is a lighter twine bath.

Four sizes of linen tablecloth exist in these two models:

  • 170x170 cm for a round, square or small rectangle table.
  • 250x170 cm for a table of 6 to 8 chairs around the table.
  • 300x170 cm for a table of 8 to 10 chairs around the table.
  • 350x170 cm for a table of 10 to 12 chairs around the table for the Letia range
  • 360x170 cm for a table of 10 to 12 chairs around the table for the Nais range

Tablecloths and washed linen napkins wash up to 60 degrees and do not require ironing.


Bedroom space

In your room you can put a nice linen duvet cover (available in three sizes) White with a linen fitted sheet Natural (available in four sizes). If four pillows are used, you can combine two linen pillowcases Natural and two White pillowcases.

Obviously, each example can be reversed according to your preference between the two colors.

For people who don't like linen or want a softer price for a bed set, we have two ranges of washed cotton bed linen : Dili or Palace range. 

Harmony brand Dili bed linen is an extremely soft washed cotton gas. It's very comfortable and gives almost the same look as a washed linen set. 

You can therefore mix the color White and the color Linen as well in the duvet covers, as in the fitted sheets and the cotton pillowcases.

The bath in Linen color, in Harmony's washed cotton range, is a taupe beige bath compared to the "Natural" color of the Harmony linen bed linen, which is "string" color.

The second range in washed cotton is the Palace range of the Vent du Sud brand. It is a classic in washed cotton, which has proven itself for many years. Cotton is thick and woven in a more classic way than Dili (which is more embossed). 

In this set we will therefore mix the color Snow and the color Linen. The baths in the Palace de Vent du Sud range are almost the same as in the Dili range from Harmony.

 Mansa linen cushion

Bathroom-shower area

To stay in our theme, we will choose the magnificent Issey bath towels Harmony, the color "White" and the color "Linen". 

You can combine the small Guest towel (50x100cm) with the bath towel (90x140cm), including the shower towel (70x130cm).

They are soft and modern with their little black stitching around.


We hope this article will help you combine these two colors in your interior.