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Cushions madness

Putting cushions on your sofa has become a must! Whether your sofa is small or large, have linen cushions or velvet cushions doesn't matter. The only difference will be in the number to put according to the size of your sofa.

Mixing velvet and linen is even magnificent, the only concern we will have will be to mix the colors well.

We are going to take a look at some examples of the most frequently purchased sofas.

On a two-seater anthracite gray sofa, you could go on six to eight cushions at most. With a very dark gray sofa, the choice of cushions is quite wide, we could put three Harmony Jungle velvet cushions, the three colors of the collection for example. Let's start with a Jungle 45x45cm Céladon, a Jungle 40x60cm Petroleum and a Jungle 45x45cm Absinthe. To break up the excess print, we would add plain linen cushions. We would therefore put a linen cushion 40x60cm Viti Absinthe, a Viti linen cushion 45x45cm Prussian Blue and to finish our combo of six cushions, a last Harmony cushion in 40x60cm celadon linen.

linen cushions

On a three-seater greige sofa (mix of gray and beige), we could imagine the collection of Monkey velvet cushions with Propriano plain linen cushions. Eight or ten cushions would be the adequate number. There are three colors of Monkey velor cushions: Bronze, Prussian Blue and Granite. On our neutral-colored sofa, we will therefore choose the three colors of the Monkey collection without any problem, by mixing the 2 sizes, 40x60cm and 45x45cm and we would put Propriano plain linen cushions (mesh more stretched than the Viti and not fringed, unlike au Viti) by mixing rectangular and square shapes. We could install a Harmony Granite, Bronze, Larch, Absinthe, Prussian Blue, Peacock and Fauve linen cushion.

Last example of a sofa, a five-seater corner sofa in brown leather. Why not put on a Giant Delhi velvet cushion this time. The Delhi collection is a collection of uni. We could start on two Harmony Delhi cushions measuring 55x110cm. Let's also dress it with two Delhi 55x110cm Bronze or Fauve (your choice for the tone on tone). Once this base is in place, we can opt to complete the spaces with small Hindi Harmony printed cushions that would look great. We could easily put the three colors: Fauve, Charcoal and Indigo. Like the previous examples, let's obviously mix the sizes with two 40x60 linen cushions and one 45x45 or vice versa (whatever).

We could have started from hundreds of examples, the decoration possibilities are endless. That's why we like it. There is no better decoration than another, it depends on our tastes. 

linen cushion