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The VITI Harmony range

The Viti Harmony collection has been declined on several products: bed ends, cushions, curtains and bed linen.

The advantage of the Viti Harmony collection is that they are only solid colors. Combining solid colors offers almost limitless harmonies. I will try to give some possible examples of marriages of different colors. 

We are going to decorate several rooms differently with products linen linen Harmony.

Let's go to a room with a very warm atmosphere. I appreciate the Viti Harmony Absinthe linen duvet cover (mustard), with two 65X65 washed linen cushions in the same color and two 50X70 cushions in front of the Fauve-colored squares. I often put a last Harmony cushion in front of it, for example in Bronze color. At the end of this bed, to be consistent, I will put a Harmony viti quilt in Charcoal color. Last decoration point in this warm color shades of yellow to dark brown, the curtains! In the same room where our bed is, I will put Viti washed linen curtains Natural to brighten our room. 


Harmony cushion


Let's decorate another room by the sea completely differently. I will dress my bed with a Harmony Prussian Blue linen duvet cover with the 65X65 Viti Paon square pillowcases and the 50X70 Crépuscule rectangular pillowcases. For the small linen cushion, a Viti Glacier Harmony. At the end of the Harmony bed, I will put the last existing blue, thelinen comforter Viti Petroleum. Don't hesitate to mix all these blue and green together. It does not swear, we are really in the era of time. With this seaside decoration, I will put Viti Céladon linen curtains (fairly light pastel green).

Let's do ourselves a favor, with a final bedroom with more color contrasts. We are going to make a bedroom with several completely different colors. Let's make a very soft bedroom to sleep well. A Viti Poudre Harmony washed linen duvet cover (very soft pink) with 65x65 celadon cushions and 50x70 Silex cushions on the front. For the little one linen cushion in front of the rectangular cushions, a small natural Viti Harmony. At the end of the bed, a Viti Céladon linen eiderdown to remind you of the square cushions. You will have the choice for the linen curtains with this color configuration, to one of the colors installed on the bed. For my part, I will still use the Celadon color for the Harmony washed linen curtains.

These are just a few examples. What is extraordinary about the decoration is that nothing is frozen in time.

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