Harmony bath towels

To dress your bathroom, you absolutely need beautiful bathroom linen. What could be better than wrapping up in beautiful cotton towels. We recently released a line of Harmony brand cotton bath towels, the Issey line. This is a beautiful range of 550 gram / m2 shower or bath towel with a black rickety finish.

To choose the right color, you have a large color panel in the Issey Harmony towels.

Here are some possible examples depending on the color of your bathroom:

For an all-white bathroom, either you stay in the sobriety, with White, Linen and Chalk towels. Either you go in a seaside decoration, with a small mix of Issey Harmony Crépuscule, Eucalyptus and Celadon towels.

issey towels

For a black or anthracite bathroom, which is more and more popular, use warm colors such as Curry, Absinthe and Concrete to have a little light gray that will bring out the other two.

There is a trend that is simply modern and beautiful, and that is to take all the colors. This would make a shades of white to granite by including the other colors in the middle.

This is a lot of towels but you can very well make, for example, a granite bath towel, a Larch shower towel, a Nude hand towel. And you start over with 3 more colors for another person in the family.

The mix of all colors of the Issey cotton towel range works very well together in a bathroom.

Finally, we could add the added value of this range and the black croquet sewn around the towel which gives it a very pretty visual appearance.

issey towels

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