Velvet curtains

Le velvet is a beautiful, noble material that gives a room a lot of character.

Generally we opt for velvet to warm a room. Velvet is made of small hairs, visually the material looks thicker than linen or cotton because of the composition of its material.

Cotton or linen, for example, is made of threads.

Lean only on 100% cotton velor for a natural, non-shiny look like polyester.

On our site we have several models of velvet curtains.

We have the unlined curtains (only lined at the level of the eyelets), a front of cotton velvet and the back of cotton in the same color.

The unlined velor curtain is the happy medium for warming a room with a relatively light curtain.

There is the model " Delhi. "Harmony with carnations or the" Dream Â» from Epic with a different assembly (dotted with small black eyelets and the black rings inside).

velvet curtains

If you want a room to be completely in the dark, after the curtains are closed, you can take the model Medici which has a beige cotton lining + a velvet veil in addition between the velvet and the lining. It is notably the only blackout model.

The Medici velvet curtain is particularly beautiful with its raw linen border all around the velvet. This curtain is strewn with brass-colored eyelets on the linen border, it is of course sold with its rings in the same color as the eyelets (brass color).

You have the velvet curtain Bangalore, it's a lined curtain with a very nice flower print on it. It is when it is mounted with classic eyelets in the curtain.


velvet curtain

There is also the model Namaste, of the same brand as the Bangalore. It is a beautiful velvet curtain with a lining with plain colors with eyelets.

Finally, if you want a very modern curtain, the model Mansa will be made for you. Over its length of 3 meters, the first 40 centimeters are in black velvet and the rest in linen. This model is mounted with small black eyelets and black rings, tone on tone with velvet.

For all the models of velvet curtains that we have mentioned, you will have a wide range of colors to find your happiness.

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