Linen Curtains or Velvet Curtains?

How to choose your curtains? A more complicated question than it seems to many people. Do we want to hang linen curtains or rather velvet curtains? 

The first advice I can give is first to know the usefulness of the curtain itself. Do you want a light curtain, not too heavy because the room is warm enough and you want to see the designs of your garden through the linen curtain.

If so, Harmony Viti linen curtains would be a good choice for you. Viti Harmony linen curtains are very simple and pretty, they are light with a very tight weave. It is a linen sheet with simply eyelets.

If you want the curtain to be even lighter, you can opt for the Brise "Indian thread" linen sheer. The Brise linen curtain is beautiful, it is edged in raw linen and sprinkled with eyelets in the raw linen.

Finally, if you want a much denser linen curtain, you must opt ​​for the Harmony Propriano linen curtain. A beautiful washed linen with 500 grams more linen than Viti and a much wider weave where you can see the weft of the linen very well!

To sum up, the choice of the linen curtain is a choice to have a lighter, more airy room.


Harmony linen curtains


If you want to warm your room, to have a much more "cocooned" room, you can opt in this case for beautiful velvet curtains.

Two options are available to you :

- The Harmony Delhi velvet curtain, a beautiful cotton velvet curtain 3 meters high with eyelets. The Harmony Delhi velvet curtain is pretty and simple, the hallmark of Harmony.

- The “Indian thread” velvet curtains sounding like the obvious second choice. They have 3 amazing same price ranges. The Rolls Royce of the velvet curtain! The Lyric range is a range with eyelets and taffeta lining, the Tosca range is it with golden rings hanging in small holes and a Liberty cotton lining, finally the range Medici, with the raw linen border dotted with eyelets and a beige cotton lining. Obviously these are all cotton velvets.

The velvet curtains of the brand "En fil d'Indienne" are more expensive because they are lined with beautiful fabrics and some additional details (the Medici for example).

The Medici curtain has an additional velvet veil between the lining and the velvet itself, very small. This serves to protect your velvet curtain even more from solar or lunar UV rays.

The curtain is often the last thing you choose in your room. It's the last detail that can change everything. Be relevant when choosing between velvet curtains and linen curtains.


Harmony velvet curtains

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