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Linen or velvet bed linen

Linen and velvet bed linen

Linen duvet cover

Duvet cover

Linen and velvet throw sofa throw


Quilt bed cover for 1 or 2 people linen or velvet


Linen or velvet pillowcase


Linen or velvet eiderdown bed

End of bed - Quilt

Viti Harmony washed linen fitted sheet

Fitted sheet

Harmony lava linen flat sheet

Flat sheet

Home Beddings and Curtains offers a collection essentially around linen and velvet with linen duvet covers, flat sheets and fitted sheets, pillow cases but also throws, bed ends - eiderdowns, bedspreads. Many of our products are available in cotton velor. We only offer French brands, Harmony, En Fil d'Indienne.